Fun In The Sun // School

Despite the fact that I like to take photographs (obviously), I usually shoot using creative auto - most, if not all, of the photos on this blog so far were shot using creative auto.
However, I'm taking a digital photography class this semester, and for one of our assignments, we are to go on a "photo safari" and turn in the results. This "safari" is essentially taking a lot of photographs playing with different settings individually, then combining them to see how we can get the best shot.

Last week, I started out by playing around with shutter speed. My nieces and nephew were in town, so I got them in the pool and the fun started.

This is Lawrence, or, as I call him (to the slight annoyance of his parents), "Larry".

And sassy little Maria, who would not be parted with her sunglasses, even when we went back inside the house.

Blowing me a kiss!

Larry was fearless and quite willing to jump off the diving board (...with the incentive/bribe of a couple of Aunt Katie's cookies)

Maria loves being thrown in the air! A word of caution though - once you start, she won't want you to stop.

I haven't edited any of the photos, mostly because I'm lazy and I also need to get startd on my other assignments. I'll be back soon with some more shots featuring shutter speed.


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