Aperture Experiment // School

Today's post is all shots where I messed around with aperture in particular. All the shoots I've done for school so far are all experimental, so I wouldn't expect any consistency through them, if I were you. ;) Also, aside from the watermarking, no editing has been done to these pictures.

The star of this post is my niece Maria - thanks to my sister-in-law Katie for letting me post these!

We haven't really played with ISO yet, but from I understand about the setting, I should've decreased it for the photos below...


  1. Do you know what your aperture was on the 4th and 5th photos? They look really nice, just wondering how low your lens went :-) I'm asking Chuckie for an f/1.8 lens for Christmas! Also- I think you meant increased ISO? Decreased would make it darker. I actually like how the darker lighting in the last few photos looks. The very first two maybe should've had it lower. (Although as long as ISO is close to what you need that's an easy fix in Photoshop, at least in Lightroom it is.)

    1. f/5.0 and f/5.6 for the 4th and 5th photos. I feel like I have more luck with aperture settings when I use my bigger lens.
      Yeah, decreased would make it look darker, but there would also be less grain in the picture, which is what was bugging me.
      I actually like photos that are slightly overexposed, though I agree, the first photo definitely should've had a lower ISO.

    2. Ah gotcha. Less grain, makes sense.
      It seems people vary pretty widely in their preferences for exposure.


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