Maria's Two Years // Child Portraits

I was lucky enough to stay with my brother, sister-in-law and adorable niece on vacation, and even luckier that I was there for my little niece, Maria, to turn two.
Katie and I went to a park to take Maria's two year photos, and Katie had the great idea to bring her little white rocker.

At the beginning of the shoot, Maria was quite cooperative...

...laughing whenever Katie said "Maria, think of something funny!"

After a couple minutes, it was hard to constrain her to the chair...

After moving to a couple different places in the park to play with lighting, Maria started getting tired of it all...

This is probably my favorite one - her face cracks me up!

However, with a small bribe suggestion of ice cream after a few more pictures, we were able to capture a few more (mostly melancholic) shots.

I don't even know what this expression is, but found it hilarious
This is Maria spinning in "hircles"...

So fun! I'm hoping next week to take the two-year and four-year pictures for her cousins, and get some of them all together.


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