Watermarking // open discussion

...for or against?

I kinda want to put watermarks on my photos, not because I'm worried about them getting stolen, but just because I just like my logo. ;)
But then, it does take a while to add watermarks to photos, and I've heard some people saying that it takes away from the beauty of the photo.

So here's a watermarked and unwatermarked photo...


..your thoughts?


  1. I say go ahead and add them. I can still tell what the photo looks like without it!

    I use lightroom to put mine on and its super easy as long as I don't care if its on the same place on every photo.

    I started when Maria was born because a friend of mine found a picture of her daughter on a company's website, without her permission! So I'm hoping to avoid anything like that happening, and just decided to stick it on all (or most) of my photos on the blog now.


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