Hipster Dream // personal

Roommate and I got sick of studying last Saturday, and decided to walk for as long as we could before supper.

We ended walking up one of the many mountains surrounding Gaming, Austria, and found a railway track (that we're still not sure if it's active, but I'm pretty sure it is)

The track is pretty much a hipsters dream for taking photos, so mainstream hipster (which I apparently am) and almost legit hipster (which my roommate apparently is) took advantage of the opportunity!

To get the pictures with both of us, I left the camera on a stump a good distance away from us, then timed it to take ten consecutive shots after ten seconds.
So basically I had to scramble off the side of the prickly hill, leap over the tracks and dash on over to my roommate to get in the photo in time.

We take serious pictures.

We can obviously take silly ones.

We can also just take awesome ones.

Yep, I think we've got all the bases covered.


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