Dora's Bridal Shower // Wedding

A close family friend had her bridal shower last week, and it was a fun opportunity to explore my 50mm lens in an indoor setting with a small crowd of people. 

Her sisters really went to town with decorating and making delicious food!

They set up this table with paper for guests to write down date night suggestions and memories, and it also served as the game station.

The theme for the party was tea, and they provided all of these teacups themselves! A lot of bargain hunting was done for most of the party decorations.

The bride-to-be with a friend's adorable child - seriously, don't ever think I've seen a newborn that was THAT cute.

The maid-of-honor wasn't able to be physically present as she is serving overseas right now, but they were able to get her on Skype for the last half of the party.

Gathering up guesses from the guests on what Dora's wedding gown will look like.

Reviewing the guesses....

Another game they played was having Dora read out questions, such as "who's favorite color is orange?" and having the guests at each table make their guesses by raising sticks with actual silhouettes of Dora or Joe.

My gorgeous mom. ;)

The party was hosted in a pretty little park room, right near the local river, and they set out buckets of fresh flowers at each entrance.

One of the only shots from the day that I actually really liked (aside from the subject matter, of course ;))


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