Rosie's Senior Pictures // Senior Portraits

After much cajoling, I was finally able to take my sister Rosie's pictures. I just got an 85mm lens, which I played with on most of these photos, and I shot everything in RAW for the third time ever, so I could do some playing around in Lightroom for the first time.

Mary, Rosie's best friend, was helpful in getting Rosie to pop some real smiles.

This photo (below) will probably be the girls' favorite, since they're both so camera shy...

This last one with Pip was taken right before she jumped and led the girls on a harrowing twenty minute chase through and beyond the park.

Finally, one last shot for Mom to put on the wall, along with the other kids' senior pictures.

There's still so much to learn about photography, between how to capture the best image you can on the camera, and then all the editing in Lightroom, and even little technical details, like calibrating the screen monitor to more correctly show the true colors. It's very overwhelming and more than a little discouraging sometimes, but it's still fun to play with! 


  1. I really like the second one. She's never very good at smiling for photos is she? Haha. You'll have to tell me about RAW. I've heard of it but never tried it or even looked into it. Also, I figured we could work together and take marias 2 year photos while you are here :-)

  2. Should have known you were also an excellent photographer! Your sister is beautiful, and you captured her (ands her sweet friend and dog) so perfectly! I love the one of them from behind...a perfect friendship pose! Looking out at the world before them! Great pictures!


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