Lulu Year 1 (Again) // Children

I did my niece's first year photos in the summer, right after she had turned one, but she had a little rash around her mouth and she was sick at the time, so we decided to give her a second shoot, a couple months later.

Her brother Larry wanted to be part of the shoot - he is SUCH a(n adorable!) ham!

Lulu got so excited here!

I'm still learning how to play around in Lightroom while at the same time completing my studies, preparing for midterms, and some design work on the side, so the editing is not particularly consistent throughout the post. It was more experimental, but I hope you enjoy. :)


  1. Your niece is beautiful..I had to look st the photo gallery I have two daughters. My oldest Lauren is studying journalism and photography at UT Knoxville. God bless


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