A Merry Stroll // personal

Sharing some pictures from December that I recently discovered on a spare SD card - they're not seasonal, but they're something new!

My oldest brother, Paul, was showing my younger sister, Rosie, and I a pretty little scene he found a mile or two from our house. It went back a ways I've never been before, but what we found at the end was quite a nice surprise.

Dogs Bro and Pip made the stroll with us.

Pip was a little overeager, and so Rosie had to give her a stern talking to.

The travelers debate which course to take (there was only one)

I don't think Bro enjoys the paparazzi. ;)

The hunt is on!

At the end of our walk was a pretty little lake! We've lived at our current house for over fifteen years, and I never realized our little neighborhood bordered on the nearby state park. Goes to show how much I get outside.

Quite the distinguished pair.

 ...but apparently Rosie didn't think so.

Pip is such a naturally photogenic dog. I never thought I'd say that, about a dog, but she really is. Exhibit A

After getting a quick look at the lake, we high tailed it back to the house for dinner.


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