Surprise Shoot // personal

A couple weeks back (before the sun decided to come out of hibernation), my best friend's sister and I planned a surprise birthday party for my best friend.
To get her out of the house and the guests inside without her suspecting anything, I pushed Louise for an impromptu photo shoot.
The setting was lacking in the color department, but luckily, I had a willing and lovely model.

A perfect sly eyebrow raise. I applaud you, Louise.

Her pretty "poimed" hair.

Inside the old water tower...

 And me elegantly clambering over a gate...

To stall for more time, I had Louise climb up some hay bales.

She insisted I take photos of her on the tire before we headed back.

After this last photo, we headed back to the house, trudging for a half mile through a foot of packed snow, where, upon our arrival, Louise was duly surprised. No shots of that though, so that's it for this one. ;)


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