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A weekend in Switzerland, from my previous semester studying abroad in Europe.
I was blessed to spend our only four day weekend with the beautiful and hilarious Arianna - we decided (taking about approximately .04 seconds to do so) the night before four day started to go to Switzerland, and off we went the following day!

At our last train stop before Murren...

Arianna's "revenge"

Arianna is totally a modern Mary Poppins/Lucille Ball.

When we got to Murren, a beautiful town decently high up in the Alps, we promptly dropped our ridiculously heavy bags off in the hotel, and took a little stroll around town.

This is the Catholic church in town - the shingling on the side was just amazing!

This is our Hotel Jungfrau! Completely empty aside from us, and two other guests we didn't see much. The staff was really nice, helping us contact people for paragliding.

The town was like the Swiss, Alpine version of a Western deserted town - it was SO empty! The grocery store (where we were intending to buy our lunch and supper) had very few open hours, and was closed that first night.

Murren obliged us by remaining sunny and happy for the two days we were there.

With Arianna, dancing for joy is not uncommon. ;)

Obligingly carrying my bag pack up.

Setting the self-timer again - we really didn't know what to do with ourselves...

 With some fudge mountains in the background...

She is such a babe.

And of course, your typical jumping-in-the-air-with-mountainous-background pictures...

And some more "serious" photos.

...and then some cartwheeling was necessary, Arianna being quite elegant...

 ...and me looking my usual self - ridiculous!

So there's one of my favorite (and definitely most relaxing) weekends from my semester in Europe - kudos to Arianna for being a sport and putting up with me for the weekend!


  1. AWESOME! Loved this and thanks for SHARING!!

  2. AWESOME! Loved this and thanks for SHARING!!


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