An Elegant Walk // personal

Some friends, my sister and I took a walk into our favorite field (we haven't exactly been to visit many others though) a couple days back. It was SUCH a beautiful day - there are certain days that I will always have imprinted in my memory, whether they were particularly memorable or not, and this is one of them. 

Queen Anne's lace was everywhere!

Not all of the shots were beauty shots. ;)

It took these two awhile to click, but it was inevitable, considering how their older sisters are practically, well, sisters.

Poor Pip practically drowned in the high grasses, but she loved every minute of it.

Gladiator, anyone?

We look totally different, have different personalities, but most of the time, we get along as well as milk and cookies!

Yep, I don't understand how these two can ever think they're not beautiful.

This picture isn't too focused (I forgot I was on manual), but it turned out to one of my favorites.

Beautiful walk, beautiful field, beautiful day - thank you, God!


  1. Clare these are gorgeous! I'm a bit jealous of your skills ;-)


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