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Dora and Joe - Prep // Wedding

I was rather last-minute asked to help photograph a close family friend's wedding, and though I don't have a whole lot of experience with indoor photography, I thought it would be a fun challenge! I spent the first 300 of my total 800-ish pictures from the day on the prep beforehand. The lighting in the room was so strange, and many of the photos came out an ombre-ish color, with the top being yellow, and the bottom the true white. All I can say is, thank goodness for Lightroom. ;) Last minute sewing touches to the wedding gown... Although things were down to the wire time wise, no one panicked (visibly) and all was made possible by a lot of multi-tasking. Trying to decide if she wanted to have the veil down or up (she eventually decided on up) There's way too many photos to stick all in one post (you wouldn't believe how photogenic the bridal party was), so the rest will have to wait.

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